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EQES can help by offering services relating to:

EQES offers quality engineering services in three main areas:


In areas where a company requires their quality system to meet a particular standard, e.g. ISO9001:2000 or the automotive standard 'QS 9000' but either lacks the "In House" expertise or is unsure how to achieve the standards required efficiently.
EQES is able to clarify and give guidance as to how best to operate to the requirements for their particular application.


Once a plan of action is in place, EQES is able to train the team at a company that will be responsible for the running and adherance to the quality system.


Assuming that a team is in place that has sufficient training and knowledge of the quality system required, EQES is able to help with the first few meetings and systems audits, so as to assist the company's personnel in becoming self sufficient for the future.

EQES will help companies to:

  1. Establish processes
  2. Generate quality manuals
  3. Process flow charts
  4. Internal auditing against standard
  5. Organise external accreditation body to independently audit for ISO/TS accreditation.

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