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What is CMM?

Click here to visit the Brown and Sharpe WebsiteCMM - Co-ordinate Measuring Machines – can be either manually driven or fully computer controlled (DCC - Direct computer controlled). The CMM certifies manufactured parts to a drawing or computer model using 3 dimensional points it collects around the part with a probing system. Software generates ‘elements’ such as circles, cylinders, planes, cones, lines from the collected points which correspond to faces, bores, holes, slots etc. on the parts.

What is DMIS?

Click here to visit the IMS WebsiteDMIS - Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard, which forms the basis of the programming language for PC-DMIS (Brown and Sharpe CMM’s) and Virtual DMIS (IMS CMM’s). See the IMS website (www.virtual-dmis.com) for better description and Virtual DMIS screen dump pictures.

What can EQES offer?

EQES offers programming of parts for engineering companies using their CMM facility if they have PC-DMIS or Virtual DMIS either directly from a part drawing or solid model. Assistance can also be provided on U-Soft (Zeiss) and Accudat (Ferranti/IMS) languages.

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